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Using the Repository Pattern with EntityFramework CodeFirst and ASP.Net MVC4

Intro   Writing web applications has gotten vastly easier using ASP.NET MVC4 and Entity Framework, especially if you’re counting lines of code in your application layer as an indicator.  I’m a huge fan of EntityFramework 5 CodeFirst as a mechanism for … Continue reading

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Replacing Word Doc Hyperlinks using OpenXML SDK

When moving from the CTP version of the Office OpenXML SDK to the released version, the API changed in many significant ways.  One thing that changed was moving from strongly typed attribute values to just strings. Another change I had recently … Continue reading

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Deploying Silverlight 4 WCF Ria Services Application

Problems Deploying a Silverlight 4 application using WCF Ria Services on a  Windows Home Server (IIS 6) This is not a comprehensive Todo post.  Just notes on what it took to get it going… Well, that turned into a two weekend Time … Continue reading

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SqlExpress 2008 Remote Access

Enabling Remote TCP/IP Access to SqlExpress 2008 So it happens that SqlExpress is frequently suitable for most small to medium sized app development.  Now it does lack some of the advanced features of course that come in $other$ editions.  Out of the … Continue reading

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Simple Subversion SCM for Private Projects

I recently found myself looking for a well integrated, well supported, simple SCM (Software Configuration Management) system for my private development projects.

I found exactly what I was looking for and it turned out to be easier than I anticipated. Continue reading

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